Our mission at Spanish Acueducto is to provide the best possible teaching quality so that our students learn how to communicate effectively in Spanish. We at Spanish Acueducto value the time and discipline that each student takes to try to learn a foreign language. We will always be proud to contribute to their personal and professional growth.

Fabiola, and her Spanish Language Culture for Heritage Speakers class.

Why Spanish Acueducto?

Inspired by her hometown’s monumental landmark, Fabiola decided to pay tribute to it by naming her school Spanish Acueducto.

The most prominent feature of Querétaro City  (México) is a huge aqueduct, which nobleman and arts patron Marquis Juan Antonio de Urrutia y Arana built between 1726 and 1738. The nuns at Santa Clara Convent had requested it be built for the residents of La Cañada to have water. The aqueduct’s 74 arches are each 60 feet (20 meters) wide and are, on average, 75 feet (23 meters) high. The aqueduct itself extends 4,199 feet (1,280 meters) — or more than three-quarters of a mile.

What about this landmark is inspiring for you?

Who We’ve Worked With

Spanish Acueducto has had the pleasure of working with a variety of institutions and businesses. We are proud of having offered our Spanish language lessons to:

  • University Club of Chicago
  • Bennett Day School
  • Dominican University
  • Blommer Chocolate Company
  • Loop Learning Center
  • GC America INC

Un poco de historia

Learn more about the history of the Roman aqueduct and the history of the Aqueduct Of Segovia

Just as the aqueduct carries life-bringing water to people separated by space, so does language bring “life” and connection to people separated by space. The aqueduct system itself transfers water, but what the water means to the people who receive and use it is quite valuable. Like the aqueduct, language serves as a bridge to help people communicate with each other.

A visitor’s impression of Querétaro

We love getting feedback from our students!

“I have known Fabiola for more than 12 years. She was my Spanish teacher at The Cervantes Institute of Chicago and in private classes. She uses quality materials and thoroughly researched techniques. Fabiola’s classes are always interesting, organized, and fun. Class participation is encouraged. I have personally witnessed the growth of confidence and Spanish speaking skills in many of her students. As a teacher, she is able to strike an effective balance between challenging the class and supporting the needs of the individual. Fabiola is an extraordinary instructor and a wonderful person.”

– Susan K

“Fabiola’s teaching style is by far the best I have experienced. Her classes always provide a very positive and comfortable atmosphere that encourages conversation. Students learn easily how to apply the new language skills into real life situations, even grammar becomes interesting! Fabiola’s passion for the Spanish Language is contagious – with the opening of her new Spanish school, many more students will be able to experience this for themselves!

¡ Buena suerte!

– Melanie K

I have known Fabiola for two years as a teacher and friend from A2 to B1-B2 class level in both group and individual classes. Fabiola has a very dynamic and pedagogic approach with her students. The class ranges from very fun conversations on daily topics, to more serious grammatical points making the class enjoyable and efficient. I feel I have learned a lot in just two years without the feeling of actually studying. I really appreciated her knowledge and patience when we were coming with questions. She adapts very well her accent and talking speed so we could easily understand and yet progress, which was very helpful when going to a restaurant, trips or other venues with natives. Thanks a lot for everything, Fabiola!

– Matthieu D

Working with Spanish Acueducto immensely accelerated my progress with the language, giving me the chance to reach a high level of comfort expressing myself in Spanish in a relatively short amount of time. They focus on both conversational practice and understanding the grammar so that not only are you learning the principles of the language but also getting to practice them in context with a native speaker. Since taking lessons, when visiting a Spanish-speaking country, I’ve been able to have entire conversations in Spanish with native speakers. I look forward to continuing to work with Spanish Acueducto and becoming even more confident with the language!

– Rebecca Peterson-Hall, B.S., Physics & Mathematical Sciences, University of Michigan 2017