Adult Spanish Classes

At Spanish Acueducto, we understand the importance of acquiring a foreign language. Socializing is a factor that encourages people to learn a new language. Even further, studying Spanish is a way of developing more confidence and a personal growth.

Our method is fun, challenging, and effective. We understand that the main objective is communication, so we emphasize that.

What We Offer

• Small groups. At Spanish Acueducto, 10 students per class is our limit. Average class size is 3–6 students. If for some reason, there’s someone who was not able to start a course from the very beginning date, s/he can join at any time and only pay the prorated number of lessons left of that course.

If the course paid is a 12-hour course, then the student can exchange it for 6 sessions of 1 hour of  private instruction.

Please read complete student policy all the way at the bottom of this page.

Group Make up classes

Private instruction.

Semi-Private instruction.

• Conversation and grammar.

• Medical Spanish.

• Corporate lessons at your firm.

• All year long Spanish for children.

• Flexible schedules.

Group Class Schedule

Private Instruction

The session is normally 1.5 hours long, but we offer 1-hour sessions, too.

1-hour = $60.00

6-hour package = $360.00

10-hour package = $600.00 

If you need the instructor to go to your location, please contact us for an estimate.

Semi-Private Instruction

If you have a friend or co-worker who wants to study Spanish with you, don’t hesitate to study together. These lessons are for two students.

10-hour package = $375.00 per student

16-hour package = $580.00  per student

We would need at least a 24 hours notice via e-mail AND phone voice mail, in order to reschedule a private session.  Otherwise, it will be charged to your package.

Additional Information


  • Spanish Acueducto sells brand-new text books. 
  • Our book will be used from the Beginner through the Intermediate levels.


  • If a student wishes to withdraw a course, s/he will have to do so in writing before the second class starts. The processing fee will be $100.00, which is deducted from the original price.
  • After the second class starts, NO refund will be granted.
  • If we at Spanish Acueducto cancel a class due to low enrollment, we will refund your tuition payment in full.


  • From the day that you register, the student will have 4 months to finish the course/hours purchased. Once this time period is up, the course will be considered expired.

Low enrollment exchange option

  • If for some reason there is only 1 person enrolled in a group class, and the course paid is a 12-hour course, then the student has the option to exchange it for 6 sessions of 1 hour of  private instruction.

Group Make up classes

  • Group make up classes are available only if there’s another class of the same level running at the same period. Note that the school is small and sometimes having different classes of the same level is hard. Another option is taking a private session with a cost to the student.     

Rescheduling a private session.

  • Please contact us in writing 24 hours in advance, to avoid being charged for that class missed

Online teaching

  • Recording lessons is not permitted under any circumstance. Reproduction, posting or unauthorized use of the class material or sharing the meeting link is STRICTLY prohibited.


  • Spanish Acueducto, LLC reserves the right to change instructors as it deems appropriate.

Listen to what our students have to say!

Fabiola is a fantastic Spanish instructor! In her classes (and together, my husband and I have taken multiple classes at Spanish Acueducto with her over the past year), she creates a warm, convivial atmosphere that instantly puts students at ease, regardless of their level. At the same time, she continuously challenges each of her students to push themselves beyond their comfort zone, take risks, make mistakes and learn from them in a supportive environment. Each class begins with extensive everyday conversation practice and moves into a rigorous program of grammar review, reading, and listening. In classes I’ve taken elsewhere in the past, they tended to place emphasis on either grammar or conversation, but Fabiola makes sure to give equal and focused attention to both, ensuring a more well-rounded development in our language skills. Equally importantly, Fabiola is just an overall wonderful human being and a joy to learn from – she truly cares about getting to know each of her students, and she strives to make her classes and the school as a whole feel like an extended family. I feel really lucky to have Fabiola as a Spanish instructor, and so will you.

– Jenny L. Professor and Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Students at College of Lake County

“Fabiola is a friendly, warm, and patient instructor who is able to teach Spanish in a way that is understandable, respects a student’s level and pace of learning, and is enjoyable at the same time. She is accommodating about days and times to meet. I highly recommend Fabiola for anyone wanting to learn or expand their proficiency in Spanish.”

—Judy R

“As an adult learner, I can appreciate how learning a foreign language later in my life may pose some particular challenges and require a distinct teaching skill set (I learned English as a second language in my childhood). In my opinion Fabiola’s teaching style is very effective, multi-faceted, engaging and shows tangible results. In the past years, I have also attended classes with other Spanish teachers and regrettably did not witness the same level of progress I had grown accustomed to expect from taking her classes. During her classes, I have been impressed with her ability to solicit equal participation from all the students while making this process seem effortless. This is no small feat considering the contrasting personality styles that may be encountered. Fabiola not only shows relentless patience, but she also continuously adapts to her audience, making sure her students leave the class with a solid grasp of the materials covered.”

– Christine B

Start your Spanish language learning journey today!